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Frequently Asked Questions2017-06-12T22:56:00+00:00
One of the biggest complaints healthcare professionals have is that there’s too much paperwork.2017-06-12T22:59:45+00:00

We know that to be true because we speak with hundreds of providers each day.  At Provider Healthcare, our solution is simple, let us work for you!  We have dedicated credentialing specialists who will assist you with all of the paperwork, from A to Z.

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How does working locum tenens allow you to give back to the community?2017-06-12T23:00:47+00:00
Locum Tenen Provides More Time to Give Back to the Community

Giving your time and talents to those in need can be so satisfying and personally rewarding.  Working locum tenens gives you the flexibility to control your own schedule, freeing up time to volunteer as much or little as you like.

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How does Provider Healthcare help with the physician credentialing process?2017-06-12T23:01:00+00:00

We have dedicated credentialing specialists to help complete your credentialing with Provider Healthcare, hospitals and clinics nation-wide.  We take the burden off of you to make your life easier so that you can focus on patient care.

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How do you manage your taxes as an independent contractor?2017-06-12T23:01:24+00:00

As an independent contractor, you have to facilitate all of your own benefits and tax reporting.  Find a trusted CPA who takes care of other Healthcare Professionals to give you the best reporting services.  You will also need to find a financial advisor to plan for your retirement savings.

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How does your recruiter help you prepare for an assignment?2017-06-12T23:01:38+00:00
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Contact a Recruiter

Your dedicated recruiter will act as the liasion between you and the Clinic that you will be providing services for, kind of like your very own “Agent.”  They will first help prepare you by educating you about the locum tenens position you will be providing services for – what the environment is like.  Second, your recruiter will give you all of the details about your lodging, travel, and car rental, to ensure your locum tenens assignment goes smoothly from day one.

Is it intimidating to try locum tenens right out of residency?2017-03-25T20:12:22+00:00

Working right out of residency is not intimidating because you will have a support staff and other healthcare professionals that you will be able to collaborate with on every patient.  Your confidence will grow each day you practice, becoming more and more comfortable.

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How do facilities treat locum tenens?2017-03-25T20:19:58+00:00

Hospitals and clinics treat locum tenens providers with respect, and many roll out the red carpet for them because they know they can see as much or more patients than their permanent staff.

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Is locum tenens work less stable than a full-time job?2017-03-25T20:23:23+00:00

No.  Locum tenens work is very stable because the need is so great in the healthcare industry.  Most locum tenen providers make as much or exceed that of their peers that are in full-time locums position.

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Can you take your family on locum tenens assignments?2017-03-25T20:25:00+00:00

Yes.  You can have a normal family life by bringing your family with you on every assignment, experiencing life together in new exciting locations.  Working locum tenens gives you much more time and flexibility to spend with your family as opposed to working in a full-time capacity.

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What makes a great locum tenens provider?2017-03-25T20:26:40+00:00

A great locums provider is one who can adapt to change, quickly assimilate to the practice environment, and be patient with trainings, (espeically EMR systems).  You will also need to possess a positive, flexible, can-do attitude; and treat support staff with respect and professionalism.

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Can locum tenens lead to a permanent position?2017-03-25T20:28:07+00:00

Yes.  You can treat most locum tenens assignments as a working interview.  Statistically, locum tenen providers who try out the practice before they sign on have a much higher retention rate than do providers who sign on without trying out the practice.

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Can locum tenens be a full-time career?2017-03-25T20:31:57+00:00

Yes.  Healthcare providers can work as much or as little as they want, and have the freedom to control your own schedule.  Provider Healthcare has hundreds of jobs that last for more than two years.

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How does locum tenens positions make you love your job again?2017-03-25T20:33:25+00:00

Working locum tenens gives you the time to practice medicine the way it was intended to be:  take more time to understand what each patient needs.  You won’t have much administrative duties and meetings, so you can focus on why you went into the practice of medicine in the first place.

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What is Locum Tenens?2017-03-25T17:01:34+00:00

In Latin, locum tenens means “to hold a place.”  At Provider Healthcare, part-time physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant jobs are our specialty –  in all 50 states.  We are the most thoughtful and caring locum tenens organization in the country because we treat you like family when you work with Provider Healthcare.  We ensure, before every locums position that you go to, that you have every logistical detail ready:  we arrange transportation, flights, and car rental for you.  We also assist with all the credentialing, privileging, medical licensure, and malpractice insurance to ensure the smoothest transition to your new locums position.  We’re there every step of the way to support you!

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